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Concord, Massachusetts
Concord, Massachusetts, 2006

Images are available for purchase. 

Unframed Prints: 

Individually Signed Premium Prints are available with the following size/price structure: 11x14= $495, 13x19= $595, 17x24= $725, 24x36= $1,175

Framed Prints: 

Images are numbered and signed and strictly limited to 60 prints. The structure of each edition is such that, as the edition sells out, the prices for subsequent prints increase. Each framed image is strictly limited to a total edition number of 60 prints, broken down as follows: Print #s 1-25= $675, Print #s 26-35= $1,350, Print #s 36-45= $2,700, Print #s 46-55= $5,400, Print #'s 56-60 are poster size and price is TBD. The images are custom printed and matted using the highest quality materials. The 10x15 (approx) image is printed from the uncompressed RAW file using precise lasers fired onto true photographic paper. It is dry mounted on 1/8” archival safe Foamboard. The bevel cut matte is museum white, four-ply, archival safe and pH neutral. The museum matte black 1 1/4" x 7/8" wooden frame is custom cut and Ultra Violet Neutral Glare Acrylic is used to display the print while protecting it from sunlight. Final dimensions of the framed print is 18"x22" 

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**Prints are for display only and do not constitute any transfer of copyright. Further duplication is strictly prohibited. 

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